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Band bios

Here's the insider info on The Costellophones:

Mark Woodruff
(vocals, drums)

Rick Watson

Roland Salinas
(guitars, backing vocals)

Ed Ferguson
(keyboard, backing vocals)

Chris Bennett

Sometimes, original Costellophones member
John Kelley
sits in on guitar and Mark's son, Alec Woodruff, sits in on bass.

- Alec: child bass prodegy

Well, he's not really a child anymore. Born in '91, though, so he's pretty fresh. When Costellophones bassist Rick is occupied with his very busy and successful Wicked Brew band, Alec (Mark's son) sits in on bass. Hmmm ... ironically, Elvis Costello's son, Matt, plays bass and has even played on some of Costello's recordings. Alec also plays with his dad as the bass player for the seven-piece '80s tribute band, Airwave 80s. Check 'em out.

copyright 2009 Mark Woodruff