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Band bios

Here's the insider info on The Costellophones:

Mark Woodruff
(vocals, drums)

Rick Watson

Roland Salinas
(guitars, backing vocals)

Ed Ferguson
(keyboard, backing vocals)

Chris Bennett

Sometimes, original Costellophones member
John Kelley
sits in on guitar and Mark's son, Alec Woodruff, sits in on bass.

- Ed: the man, the mystery ...

Ed plays keyboard for The Costellophones, but he's also a very gifted guitarist and bassist, and he sings. In three decades of playing music, he has played pretty much every style, including rock, pop, reggae, country, swing and even big band. His bands have included Itex, Mau Mau Chaplains, River City soul, The Austin Rockerfellas, The Patsy Thompson band and Heat Degree.

copyright 2009 Mark Woodruff