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Purchase EC concert DVDs

Here are some Elvis Costello live concert DVDs we recommend.

- rare Elvis Costello concert video

In early 2007, I got an email from a guy who had several VHS tapes of Elvis Costello footage he had collected over the years, so, I bought them ... not really knowing what I would get. The tapes -- while fairly poor quality -- representated an amazing historical record of Costello concerts, interviews, recording sessions, talk show appearances and more. I converted them to digital and am offering some of the more interesting stuff below. Some are so-so. Some are really great. Enjoy. All files are Windows Media Player (wmv).

From the first SNL performance, Dec. 1977
- Watching the Detectives
- Less Than Zero (which turns into Radio, Radio)

From an '80s concert in New Jersey
- Strict Time
- What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understand
- Pump It Up
- Radio, Radio
- Shipbuilding
- Green Shirt
- World In An Uproar

Elvis Costello brief interview, early '80s
- Interview

The tour for the Get Happy album, early '80s
- The Beat
- I Don't Want to Go to Chelsea
- Green Shirt
- You'll Never Be A Man
- Secondary Modern
- Temptation
- Accidents Will Happen

Rehearsal and recording of Shipbuilding, early '80s
- Shipbuilding

TV concert with George Jones
- Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down
- Stranger In the House
- He's Got You
- I Got A Woman

British TV concert, circa 1989
- Let Him Dangle
- Little Palaces
- Any King's Shilling

copyright 2009 Mark Woodruff