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Band bios

Here's the insider info on The Costellophones:

Mark Woodruff
(vocals, drums)

Rick Watson

Roland Salinas
(guitars, backing vocals)

Ed Ferguson
(keyboard, backing vocals)

Chris Bennett

Sometimes, original Costellophones member
John Kelley
sits in on guitar and Mark's son, Alec Woodruff, sits in on bass.

- John's bio

Guitarist/bassist/vocalist John Kelley is a veteran of the Austin, Miami and Western New York Music scenes, having played original rock and roll, large/small combo jazz groups, reggae, punk, surf, jam bands and solo acoustic. Most recently, John is a member of the U2 tribute band, Mysterious Ways, playing bass and singing backup vocals. John has played in venues as geographically diverse as Mexico, Hawaii, and Paris.

- why Elvis?

So many reasons:

- I didn't make the cut in the Kiss tribute band I auditioned for
- Elvis groupies are way better looking than Frank Zappa groupies.
- It sure beats "dancing about architecture"
- Anyone who reissues his own catalog twice a year is my idol
- Having a computer day job, Elvis' "look" actually seems cool to me
- I lost all my EC albums in a break up with my ex-girlfriend; it's the only way I get to listen to his songs any more
- Looking for a product endorsement for Green Shirts
- I unapologetically listen to "Big Sister's Clothes" every chance I get
- I don't agree with everything that Elvis says, but I do agree that "Old Tin Nose" is a fitting nickname for Steven Stills.

- plus ...

Like many, I was intrigued from the instant I saw his debut performance on SNL. Seeing him play with the Attractions shortly afterwards, I was hooked. Paying tribute to Elvis with this band is an honor -- hopefully The Costellophones can play a small part in promoting an artist who has been such a positive influence on music for the past three decades.

copyright 2009 Mark Woodruff