Amy Schumer Opens Up To Katie Couric About

The following article contains discussion of sexual misconduct allegations that some readers may find upsetting.

In the wake of the #MeToo and Time's Up movements, where thousands of women are speaking out to show how widespread sexual harassment really is, Amy Schumer has gone into detail about when she was sexually assaulted.

The 36-year-old actress previously opened up about her first sexual experience, which was non-consensual, in her 2016 autobiography The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, but has now recalled the moment she was "flat-out raped".

Amy Schumer, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo book cover
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During an interview for Katie Couric's Wonder Women podcast series, Schumer said: "I've been flat-out raped. But there are so many other kinds of sexual misconduct. We've all – every woman I know, every woman in this room – we've all had these experiences.

"And in this current climate, it brings these things up and you go 'God, none of that was okay!'

"My first sexual experience was not a good one. I didn't think about it until I started reading my journal again.

"When it happened, I wrote about it almost like a throwaway. It was like, 'And then I looked down and realised he was inside of me. He was saying, 'I'm so sorry' and, 'I can't believe I did this'."

She continued: "There are just so many factors. I had another time with a boyfriend where I was saying, 'No, stop' and it was just completely ignored."

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Elsewhere on the podcast, Schumer spoke about fellow comedian and friend Aziz Ansari, who came under fire recently after a former date of his made allegations of sexual misconduct.

In an essay titled: "I went on a date with Aziz Ansari. It turned into the worst night of my life," the woman wrote: "I know I was physically giving off cues that I wasn't interested" and added that she "cried" the whole way home in a taxi because she felt "violated" by the experience.

There is no suggestion of any criminal wrongdoing by Ansari, who has since said he believed the encounter was "completely consensual" and was "surprised and concerned" by his date's accusations.

"I took her words to heart and responded privately after taking the time to process what she had said," he explained.

"I continue to support the movement that is happening in our culture. It is necessary and long overdue."

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Talking to Couric, Schumer said of the allegations: "I don't think anyone wants to see Aziz's career ruined or his life ruined or anything like that, but that's where people's minds go. They go, 'Does he deserve this?' And it's really not about that.

"It's about expressing and showing women that that behaviour is not okay and not only can you leave, but you need to leave. Because then the women who come after you, you're leaving a mark for them too."

Schumer added that she doesn't believe sexual advances or misconduct have to be criminal offences to be unacceptable.

"If you have a doctor that makes you uncomfortable, or you get a massage, or you have a date with someone and they [allegedly] coerce you in a situation like the Aziz one, I don't think there's any sort of criminal charge, but I think that it's good for everybody to learn that that behaviour's not acceptable," she said.

"It's not a crime, but it's not cool. And it can still really mess with a woman. We just can't let things continue the way they've continued, because there are so many different levels of it."

Rape Crisis England and Wales works towards the elimination of all forms of sexual violence and sexual misconduct. If you've been affected by the issues raised in this story, you can access more information on their website or by calling the National Rape Crisis Helpline on 0808 802 9999. Rape Crisis Scotland's helpline number is 08088 01 03 02.

Readers in the US are encouraged to contact RAINN, or the National Sexual Assault Hotline on 800-656-4673.

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