Community News For The Enfield Edition

The Subang Jaya Community Youth Football League (SJCYFL) is open for registration for its 19th season.

The organisers hope the league will continue to foster community relations while bringing out a whole new batch of promising footballers.

The whole idea behind the league is to build a community via football. A bonding time where people from various walks of life in Subang Jaya cross all boundaries and come together for football.

There will be 250 boys participating in this season’s edition.

The league’s core values of Unity, Teamwork, Service, Sportsmanship, Discipline and Family are a living testament to their success in community building. The core values are inculcated into the youths to form the basic foundations that will steer them in all their goals and aspirations.

Equality is another unstated value that is practised during the league season. Every player has a fair chance while playing and judged only on merit and their football skills.

Colour, creed, position and socioeconomic background do not count at all. It is all about the player and his game.

Since SJCYFL is a non-profit event, there is no fees or payment for work done. Parents are volunteers and all tasks are shared.

Currently the league is probably the only community league in the country. It not only creates quality players but also credible coaches and managers.

For parents interested to register their children for the upcoming season, visit, or for more information.

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Community News For The Enfield Edition
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Community News For The Enfield Edition
Community News For The Enfield Edition
Community News For The Enfield Edition