With Prices Rising, Cheap Chicken Wings May Be A Thing Of The Past

As chef and co-owner of All Set, a seafood restaurant and bar in Silver Spring, Maryland, Edward Reavis knew he would take a bath on his lobster roll and crab cake given the crushing wholesales prices of lobster and blue crabs these days. But, at the same time, he knew he could always rely on his Old Bay chicken wings to help even out his food costs.

Not anymore.

That bottom-line protection abruptly flew the coop this month when the chef noticed he was paying about $2.90 a pound for wings. Just late last year, Reavis recalls shelling out as little as $1.80 per pound for the same wingettes and drumettes. In a matter of months, his wholesale wing costs had jumped more than 60 percent.

"Are you trying to get me on the wings, and I just don't know it?" Reavis remembers asking his supplier.

Source : http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-chicken-wings-prices-20170801-story.html

With prices rising, cheap chicken wings may be a thing of the past
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