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Band bios

Here's the insider info on The Costellophones:

Mark Woodruff
(drums, vocals)

Rick Watson

Roland Salinas
(guitars, backing vocals)

Ed Ferguson
(keyboard, backing vocals)

Sometimes, original Costellophones member
John Kelley
sits in on guitar and Mark's son, Alec Woodruff, sits in on bass.

- Roland: the man, the mystery ...

As soon as Roland sends us his bio, we'll know much, much more about him. Until then, we can only guess. Is he the mysterious individual who places a rose on Edgar Allen Poe's grave on the anniversary of his birthday? Is he the infamous Deep Throat? Probably not, because the identity of both of those people have already has been revealed. The photo here is not Roland, as far as we know.

- more on Roland

Here we might put some other interesting tidbit about Roland. Perhaps he once saved his best friend from drowning when he was a kid at church camp. Perhaps he once drowned his best friend at church camp. Perhaps he and his best friend once drowned their sorrows with way too much Orange Crush soda at a church camp, achieving a heretofore unthinkable corn syrup level in their blood sugar. The possibilities are endless.


copyright 2009 Mark Woodruff