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The band is itchin' to play

That's right ... ITCHIN'. Here's the formula:

1) Book The Costellophones
2) Close your eyes
3) Tap your foot

You'll think you have the original, Rock-'n'-Roll Hall-of-Fame-inducted band, Elvis Costello and the Attractions , playing just for you.

- Costellophones audio

Listen to this tribute band six-song medley (5 mins) from The Hole in the Wall club (9/07).

Or, select a clip below:

- Watching the Detectives
- This Year's Girl
- What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding
- Alison
- Hand in Hand
- Two Little Hitlers

Or, click an image below for a Quicktime movie. The clips are (from left) "Two Little Hitlers" at Ruta Maya and, from The Scoot Inn, "Radio, Radio," "Allison" and "The Beat." (The first two clips are pretty short.)

Two Little Hitlers Radio, Radio

Allison The Beat

- set list

What's your favorite Elvis Costello song? Chances are, The Costellophones play it. Here's a list of some of the songs:

copyright 2009 Mark Woodruff